Family Feud

Via David Marx’s Neomarxisme:

Even though Abe Shinzo’s got a lock on the Prime Minister election, Foreign Minister Aso Taro formally announced his candidacy today. The two men are cousins, by the way, linked to several former Prime Ministers and the Imperial family. Thanks to the family tree on this page, we can better understand which…

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Anti-Japan Protests Restrained After Yasukuni Visit

Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun reports with little specific information that Chinese anti-Japan groups have heeded Chinese governmental injuctions against protesting Koizumi‘s Aug. 15 visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

After last year’s anti-Japan demonstrations in many parts of China, the Chinese government might be hoping to avoid a repeat. Last year’s demonstrations, which at first emerged…

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Abe, MoFA Aim For High-Level Meetings

Japan’s Foreign Ministry is looking to arrange high-level meetings with South Korean and Chinese officials in November at the APEC forum in Hanoi and at the ASEAN+3 meeting in December.

The lead candidate for LDP president, Abe Shinzo, said on Aug. 3 he would work as prime minister to resume top-level summits with Chinese leaders. “To avoid single issues from…

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Brief: Japan In ASEAN+3 Logistics Push

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 — Japan will push for a joint study with Asean on an efficient regional logistic network which includes a future logistic map between Asean and China, Japan and South Korea in efforts to expedite and enhance the movement of goods within the region.

Japan, a key dialogue partner of Asean with extensive trade and business involvement in the…

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Brief: Taiwanese Protesters Warned Off Islands

Japanese authorities told a Taiwanese fishing boat approaching the Pinnacle Islands* to turn back and mobilized security forces to prevent its approach. The boat is thought to be carrying a dozen activists on a trip to protest Koizumi’s Aug. 15 Yasukuni Shrine visit. Some anti-Japan activists in Hong Kong had planned a similar trip, but delayed their departure…

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