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Now you can compare Beijing PM 2.5 air quality readings on your phone

It just so happens that today is not one of the more beautiful days in Beijing. After a week of generally glorious fall weather, with exceedingly clear air (except once or twice), the national holiday is over and whatever process

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Polluting in the new year!

First, of course, happy new year to all those greeting the year of the dragon this week. I, for one, am suitably stuffed. Second, via Angel Hsu, this image depicting what is most likely a huge cloud of noxious firecracker

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Ma Jun and the motivation boomerang: clever environmental advocacy

This evening I went to an event discussing human rights and the environment in China.* The big draw was Ma Jun, one of the most recognized names in Chinese environmental protection and the director of the Institute for Public &

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Environment Wednesdays?

At Infopolitics, I just posted the first of what may be many lists of recent links. I may do the same here, but I’ve tired of the format. Maybe each day of the week will get a theme, too.

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Pollution from space, and human geography

A remarkable photograph published by NASA shows, as Angel Hsu notes, the pollution in the air during the climate talks in Tianjin earlier this month. The high-resolution image is striking, and will live on the desktop of my external monitor

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