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What it means when we say NYT is ‘blocked in China’

Shanghaiist has just posted a fairly snarky story claiming, as it summarizes well in the headline, that “The New York Times might or might not be blocked in China (but probably isn’t).” I think they’re off the mark. The writer’s … Continue reading

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The best phrase I have read this week

From Andrew Jacobs’ story on Great Firewall “shoegate”: … from iPads and designer shoes to carnal rewards offered by admiring women of the sort that China’s Internet guardians would likely deem harmful to the nation’s morality.  

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YouTube Blocked in Beijing

If you can see this photo and you’re in China, Flickr’s available. But so much for my video feed. Thomas Crampton reports, and a quick check confirms: YouTube videos now unavailable at least from my seat in Beijing. The standard … Continue reading

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