Family Feud

Via David Marx’s Neomarxisme:

Even though Abe Shinzo’s got a lock on the Prime Minister election, Foreign Minister Aso Taro formally announced his candidacy today. The two men are cousins, by the way, linked to several former Prime Ministers and the Imperial family. Thanks to the family tree on this page, we can better understand which side of the eternal political dynasty will be ruling Japan in the near future.

Aso is grandson of post-war PM Yoshida Shigeru (’46-’47, ’48-’54), and his sister is married to the son of Emperor Hirohito’s younger brother Prince Mikasanomiya. Aso’s wife is the daughter of PM Suzuki Zenko (’80-’82). Yoshida Shigeru shares the same grandfather as PMs Kishi Nobusuke (’57-’60) and Sato Eisaku (’67-’72) – who are brothers! Abe is the grandson of Kishi.






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