Propaganda Design: Cultural Revolution

Periodically I come upon collections of Chinese propaganda art. Whether or not you agree with what they’re promoting, it’s hard not to appreciate the design sensitivity of the artists behind the state’s image. This image is one from a collection posted by Flickr user Oldtasty and posted by Coudal Partners. Accompanying all the political and historical details on this site, I’m hoping to include more on the aesthetic and cultural angles as time goes on.
Cultural Revolution Clip Art, Circa 1971
Coudal previously pointed out an extensive collection of Chinese propaganda assembled by Stefan Landsberger.






2 responses to “Propaganda Design: Cultural Revolution”

  1. rami ungar Avatar
    rami ungar

    is there a website where I may order and buy some posters (prints) from the cultural revolution period? what are the sizese? the unit price in US$?

  2. deejay76 Avatar

    Have you ever noticed how “art” from totalitarian dictatorships all looks the same?  Large muscled people with weapons or tools wielded as weapons opposing someone or something.  Look at the “art” produced by the Nazis, or the communists in Russia or North Korea, or the above Chinese poster.  Change the faces and the lettering, and they’re all the same.

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