The Transpacifica Link Feed is Back

We’ve re-introduced the link feed. Unlike before, when link posts crowded out the writing, when you visit, there is now a (nearly) live feed of the links direct from the Transpacifica page (right). In order to keep the links searchable here, and to make sure RSS readers get the daily links as well, the daily postings will still be entered into the archive and feed. (If you’re especially excited about what we’re posting on, there is a direct RSS feed here.)

You may also have noticed we shuffled some things around. The blogroll has been updated, enlarged, and now appears on the far right under the heading “Surf the Pacific.” I and the other collaborators here (some of whom will hopefully be contributing entries soon) are going to be working on some site profiles so you can get an idea of what resources and blogs will be most useful for you.

If you think there’s an article or site we should see, you can tag it “for:transpacifica” on, or just give us a shout.






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