Staging for the Beijing Olympics—in Japan

Noted without comment.

A large travel agency is planning a big promotion overseas to get foreign sports teams to stay in Japan before going on to Beijing for the start of next year’s Olympic games. They are touting the facilities, the lack of pollution, the variety of food, the public safety, and the ease of access to Beijng.

The agency is serious–and they report the British swimming team has already decided to stay in Japan first!

Via Ampontan.





2 responses to “Staging for the Beijing Olympics—in Japan”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Not a bad idea for the British Swim team.
    Maybe Seoul can capitalize on the same kinda thing.

    I’m sure there aren’t many athletes willing to soak in the Grey-jing air as they get ready to compete.

  2. Graham Webster Avatar

    I don’t know about the tradeoffs in flying just before competition, but if the air doesn’t get better here… well, I’m with the Brits. That is, if I were an athlete.

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