'Malaysia Bans Foreigners'? Look again.

An inexplicably terse headline has been making its rounds in my news feeds for the last couple of days. It would be big news, if only it were true.

“Malaysia Bans Foreigners,” cries the headline of an AP story published at the International Herald Tribune.

Well, no. The article outlines how non-Malaysian vehicles are being banned from gassing up within 50 km of the borders with Thailand and Singapore, since Malaysia is subsidizing fuel and they don’t want foreign freeloaders coming over just to take advantage of the subsidy.

So if you were planning to stop by Kuala Lumpur, and you’re not a Malaysian citizen, fear not. Just this: If you’re driving in from Thailand or Singapore, stop for gas before you get to the border and eat the high prices. Some desk editor needs to read the whole article (or even the lede) before writing the headline.





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