Proposing Association for Asian Studies '09 hashtag: #aas09

As a student of Asia and the Internet, it occurred to me I’ll want to see what others are experiencing during this year’s Association for Asian Studies meeting in Chicago this month. Having just booked my ticket, I propose #aas09 as a hashtag on Twitter, Flickr, and others for this event.

At first I was heading for just plain old AAS, but that seems to be populated by astronomers and users of other languages. I think #aas09 will work quite well. I know it’s early, but Google revealed no other tags that I could find. I’m sure AAS won’t be as twittery as political and technological events, but let’s see what social media can do.

I encourage people to repost this with plans for attending, etc.! I for one will be in Chicago from March 23–29.





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