A guerilla chicken campaign at Harvard? [photo]

I was walking home through the Harvard campus tonight and found the above sticker, which was notable because (1) such things seem to get taken down quickly, (2) I rarely see Chinese bulletins adorning American light posts, and (3) I had NO idea why this man wanted me to 多吃鸡肉吧  (eat more chicken).

I put the image on Twitter and asked what it could mean, and Le Wang quickly pointed out that it might be a Chinese version of the Chik-fil-A slogan “eat mor chikin.” I’m going to go with that for now, because, as my classmate Ella points out, it’s a bit absurd to obsess about the meaning of a random campus posting.

Last thought: Is there a similarity between this man on the sticker and the imagery of KFC’s Colonel Sanders?

(Click image for full size.)

UPDATE: I think we may have our answer! Alice Xin Liu has noticed that the face looks a lot like Mr. Lee of Mr. Lee California Beef Noodle King, a major Chinese chain. Why Mr. Lee would be rooting for chicken is still beyond me.





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  1. alex Avatar

    I think we can assume this is either a) part of the “Let’s get Americans fat so they have to pay more for health care and will give China a greater advantage at the next Olympics or b) a meat-space version of the “Joss stick-burning Panda” virus from a few years back. I hope you didn’t click on it. Or cluck on it.

    This could also of course be a sad attempt by HUDS to boost their Chick-fil-a sales at the Science Center. Those things are darn good Graham.

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