A Trans-American move for Transpacifica

Most readers who would find this news important already have heard, but for the under-informed and those who don’t care, I offer an update on moves in my life.

In May, I finished my master’s degree in Regional Studies–East Asia at Harvard. This month, after a long summer of travel, freelancing, research, and high-intensity relaxation, I will begin a Ph.D. in the Political Science Department at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Thus I have moved from Somerville to Seattle, where I welcome proximity to the Pacific itself, to mountains, and to excellent coffee and beer. I am also honored to join the UW’s community of scholars on East Asia and global affairs, both as a member of my new department and as an associate of the China Program at the Jackson School of International Studies.

That’s all for now, but look out soon for some news regarding my contributions to other blogs, and watch this fall for some academic work of mine to weasel its way into the public eye.

Finally, if you’re in Seattle, or if you’re coming through, drop me a line!

And now, a preview of my new digs:


2 responses to “A Trans-American move for Transpacifica”

  1. jessi Avatar

    So what this picture is telling us is that you joined a monastery?

  2. Graham Webster Avatar

    You mean a years-long stay in a center for contemplation and low pay? Yes!

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