Ignorant campaign ad confuses Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Several people have noted the ignorant, ham-fisted, and in my opinion clearly racist campaign ad run during the Super Bowl and onward in Michigan.

I have a brief addition to the problems people have already noted—including the idea of an East Asian-looking female with perfect American English pronunciation but artificially stunted grammar as symbol of the China threat.

Namely, the website viewers are directed to at debbiespenditnow.com uses Traditional Chinese characters (used mainly in Taiwan and Hong Kong), as opposed to Simplified Chinese (used in the People’s Republic of China).

The slogan below “現在黛比花” would appear as “现在黛比花” in the mainland. A subtle difference, but obvious to any reader. Even more striking, the “spend money now” banner at the top is rendered as “現在花錢” instead of “现在花钱.”

Previously in GOP yellow peril junk, see here.

UPDATE: I see now that Isaac Stone Fish caught this as well.






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