Obama on China: 'Neither Our Enemy Nor Our Friend'

Barack Obama, a U.S. Senator and candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, is a brilliant rhetorician. But it’s notoriously hard to pin down his opinions on discrete policy areas and questions. It’s reasonable to speculate that the campaign is intentionally avoiding staking out policy ground unnecessarily this early in the campaign. But recently, some hints about Obama’s thinking on China have emerged.

China Redux compiled two quotes, of which this is the more interesting. From his prepared remarks for a speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (when I was an intern there, it was the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations):

And as we strengthen NATO, we should also seek to build new alliances and relationships in other regions important to our interests in the 21st century. In Asia, the emergence of an economically vibrant, more politically active China offers new opportunities for prosperity and cooperation, but also poses new challenges for the United States and our partners in the region. It is time for the United States to take a more active role here – to build on our strong bilateral relations and informal arrangements like the Six Party talks. As President, I intend to forge a more effective regional framework in Asia that will promote stability, prosperity and help us confront common transnational threats such as tracking down terrorists and responding to global health problems like avian flu.

This is by no means a profound statement; but Obama’s call for stronger involvement in East Asia and a “regional framework” tells us that he views the region holistically rather than as a series of bilateral relationships. Again, nothing groundbreaking, but he seems to be on the right page.

I want to add to the Redux post one more statement by Obama on the importance of East Asia and China. This is from the first Democratic primary presidential debate of the 2008 election cycle last night:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Senator Obama, what are America’s three most important allies around the world?

SEN. OBAMA: Well, I think the European Union as a whole has been a long-standing ally of ours. And through NATO, we’ve been able to make some significant progress. Afghanistan, in particular, is an area where we should be focusing. NATO has made real contributions there. Unfortunately, because of the distraction of Iraq, we have not finished the job in terms of making certain that we are driving back the Taliban, stabilizing the Karzai government, capturing bin Laden and making sure that we’ve rooted out terrorism in that region. We also have to look east, because increasingly the center of gravity in this world is shifting to Asia. Japan has been an outstanding ally of ours for many years, but obviously China is rising, and it’s not going away. They’re neither our enemy nor our friend. They’re competitors. But we have to make sure that we have enough military-to-military contact and forge enough of a relationship with them that we can stabilize the region. That’s something I’d like to do as president.

This frame of China as competitor might seem to part with the cooperative answer he gave before, but the argument seems to be: We can compete and cooperate at the same time. To be sure, neither the United States nor China can compete without a baseline of security and cooperation to keep markets moving.





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  1. ? Avatar

    when will the U.S. realize that china is not our ally? They are a hostile nation that hides their true intentions. Is America really this ignorant and dumb? We better start becoming more self-sufficient , or at least have a back-up plan if a war starts with china , becoz more than likely it will sometime in the future, and we are too dependent on china. America is a hypocrite. Its all about the money. China is communist. What happened to the war on communism before?, What makes china special? China is nothing but a land of greedy , nasty, ignorant people and if they could , they will try to buy the U.S…… America= what a joke.

  2. ? Avatar

    I really hate communism and communist! period. I just can’t hide. I know I am a stubborn old man.

  3. NK Avatar

    To ?:
    You need to travel more. China is no longer communist. It has single-party rule, still, but the economic system is no longer communist, and free enterprise abounds. There is even talk of renaming the Communist Party something else, because it is not communist any more. State-owned industries have steadily been dismantled and privatized since Deng Xiaoping. The Chinese historical mentality is not one of conquest but of maintaining stability (since Confucius first set the civil service exam system around 500 B.C.). The last thing the Chinese want is a war with the U.S. Don’t forget that China was carved up by European colonialism and wound up in a civil war because of this. The goal of China’s leaders is not to let that happen again. The U.S. bombed a Chinese embassy and a U.S. spy plane killed a Chinese airforce pilot off the coast of their country, and did China make any hostile moves? They had plenty of cause to, but they didn’t. The goal is stability. To achieve that, of course, they need to be strong and have relations so that no one will want to attack them.
    So, it’s time to get over your paranoia. Instead, acknowledge that the West was pretty rotten to China during colonialism (e.g. Opium War).

  4. CL Avatar

    This is interesting. Let’s look at it with a bit of compassion shall we?

    I speak from the standpoint of an American-born Chinese. China is not full of people who are ignorant by choice. I believe that they are a product of the kind of one-party education they were submersed in since birth, not attuned to making political and social decisions for themselves because they were never given the opportunity.

    Communism is not solely an economic system; a communist nation can have all the goods it needs, but its people can still be totally shut off from information they need to form solid opinions. I dare call it brainwashing. For example, I have met so many people from Mainland China who have friends who practice Falun Gong, whom they admit they admire personally, but at the same time, they insist that Falun Gong is an evil cult as the Chinese government claims. They can’t seem to figure out that the disparity is the clear result of government propaganda that does not match up with true-to-life experience.

    Yes, the Western world has been terrible to China. We should not treat them badly, and yet that’s what is happening now. In continuing to live the lie of “stability,” we are hurting both ourselves and China economically and socially. The US has become seriously dependent on Chinese imports while accumulating a huge trade deficit toward China, and the Chinese, driven by the US’ demands for low prices, are forcing their workers out of decent working conditions—and that force is coming from the top: Without the regime’s constant false reassurance that “Mother China is getting stronger,” Chinese citizens would surely wake up to the sad reality that is their situation.

  5. Graham Webster Avatar

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I wonder, does anyone have any thoughts on how a President Obama would really behave regarding China?

  6. Confucius Avatar

    Obama has a group of about 20 advisors specifically designated to assist him with issues involving East Asia. The Obama campaign has declined to release the names of all the participants, but a published list of foreign policy experts officially endorsing Obama includes Mr. Art Brown, former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia and Chief of CIA’s East Asian Operations Division.

  7. Dr. Zhang (Chang) Avatar
    Dr. Zhang (Chang)

    I have read all the three comments and I can appreciate where they come from. Because, after His Honorable President Nixon’s failed engagement with China after the distorted Watergate incidence, and, in order to engage China-America into closer cooperative relationship, I started His honorable President Carter who invited Mr. DanXiaopin to the UnitedStates; which in turn started the dialog of cooperation between the two nations.
    My late father was an army General of the late Honorable Generalizimos Chiang Kai Shek who fought the second WW against the Japanese invasion into China. He retired to Hong kong after the surrender of the Japaneses. He was invited to go back to China “to serve the people”, which he refused to do. I graduated from the National Taiwan University. I must present certain facts instead of politics taking certain names. Since the Carter’s administration had given china the support in the United Nation on the permenant seat and consider china an equal trading partner, china had gradually discard certain socialist idiology- Hong Kong is as free a place as any place in the world, in fact has improved. Taiwan has not been militarily invaded, nor propagandary chalanged in my seven years studied on the island. Tibet incident a few weeks ago, the western reporter there on the first day of the incident was surprised that there was not one police or soldier there to maintain the order, let alone any form of suppression…..I can go on and on. These are the facts, so I am leaving these here for your dissection. To add one more, when I lost everything after over twenty years of practice in the USA , for an unforeseen reason, we lost everything. China let us sell the properties of my late father, and that is how I still have a home to live in, inside this “free” country, where I worked hard with my family for decades.

  8. John Avatar

    To ?:

    A person who even was afraid to disclose his name is not just stubborn, but a stupid, ignorant coward who is living under the US government’s propoganda against China or in his own narrow-minded imagination, for his entire miserable “old” life, who still can’t live without buying Chinese goods, who is greedy to invade any country in the world to rob others of their land, oil, life and ideaology. Please get yourself educated and grow up!

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  10. Yuling Jiang Avatar
    Yuling Jiang

    As a Chinese, I am surprised to know actually some Americans consider us enemy!? In China, ordinary people all love Americans. Young people in China love Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They are role models. But Americans hate Chinese. It seems that the U.S. is going down and Americans cannot think rationally.

  11. Brad Chen Avatar
    Brad Chen

    I agree that China is not enemy of China, not yet anyway, and definitely not a friend.

    The U.S. must be prepared for competing dominance in East Asia. The U.S. has tremendous advantage in this area already. China’s relationship with neighboring countries in East Asia is weaker compared to that of America. Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea all see the U.S. more favorably than China, despite how tarnished the image of America is after Bush’s presidency. Maintain strong alliances with these countries.

  12. America is for sale Avatar
    America is for sale

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    Buy It Now!

  13. paul onyango Avatar
    paul onyango

    truth be told,china is very hideous. Woe to u if they ever manage to wield any power over u! Working on a contract where they are contractor in africa,and me their black skinned supervisor has helpd open my eyes. They are terrible and worse coz juz as someone said,they hide their intentions. Worse still,their agenda for africa is very obscene if sudan is anything to go by. They care least about true human concerns. So get it,on one side we have a powerhouse whose growth tactics we can learn and make use of to grow here in africa. On the other hand,a deadly devilish giant whom we cannot truly control if it goes amok. In the end,china is better countered before its too late. We have less than is convicing about china and we sleep juz like the sheep we are. Sheep dogs,stay awake with me. Make sure Obama sees no whitehouse!

  14. ryan Avatar

    as a chinese who resides in hong kong, i am so amazed by the ignorance of some americans towards china. china needs stability to sustain growth and a war against the US is totally pointless. china was carved up by european imperialists, invaded by the japanese, natural disasters, famine, civil war…..finally we can prosper and reclaim the glory that we once had for 5 millennium. we dont want to go into war anymore, we just want our people to be happy, so JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!

  15. jim Avatar

    CHina is pure and simple the enemy and needs to be countered. They cannot be trusted.

  16. Y Avatar

    Americans’ ignorance of the rest of the world (including China) is appalling. I’m not from China but I noticed the comments towards China here.

    Paul Onyango, please tell me what the American’s have done to help improve lives for Africans. Could you honest say any of the sanctions from IMF or World Bank has improved your continent in any way?

    I just read Mark Leonard’s ‘What Does China Think’. I think it’s a great read. Fair and concise. ‘National Soverignty’ is what China respects, not democracy (does not equate human rights, by the way). True revolution comes from within. Look at Iraq. Does that not say enough? Do you honestly think the Iraqis are ever going to accept the American mode of democracy? They aren’t ready for democracy and only idiots apply the same model to countries that are vastly different.

    Honestly, I dont’ think any of the so-called democratic countries practise true democracy. It’s just a bloody facade for fuck’s sake. Economics deny human rights too you know.

    The subprime in America that’s has worsened the world financial crisis is going to cause even more pain to people in developing countries. Tell me, who’s the real victim here? And what did these Americans do? Splurge on their own comforts at the expense of others. That’s indirect but brutal murder.

  17. lik Avatar

    to jim and the one who is so chickened out to even write his name ?

    people like you contribute to hate and misunderstanding

    do you really think that you speak for millions of americans? most americans don’t really care about china or any other country…everyone care for their lives and personal situation

    america can consider china as the enemy but they fail to realise that the biggest enemy are themselves….it seems to me that few of my fellow countrymen are creating an imagined enemy…china is not our enemy PERIOD…..they are not our friend BUT, they are our partner so we need to listen and talk to them instead of walking into their country and tell them what to do then have our CNN write crap about them..and I thought their CCTV was crap but i was wrong…
    this year has been tough to china..china bashing..they admit to their problems and yes they know they are not perfect …can we be fair and just americans ? not those arrogant americans who everyone hates?
    so remember..america and china are neither enemies nor friends instead…they are partners who can achieve incredible achievements if both sides can listen and just respect each other….the chinese has shown that by not using cctv to bash us americans or sticking their hands into our own affairs..can we americans show some respect?

    from someone who really don’t want to see a WW3 between America and China- if that happens then the world is just ##%#$%$

  18. lik Avatar


    wow…you are fair

    if more people can think like you if you are an American then I bloody salute you

    our involvement in IRAQ was screwed up…..I remember arguing with a few chinese about problems that they have then realised that I was so rude and ignorant of our own mistakes…..but glad that was a few years ago…it seems to me that no one is perfect

  19. ly Avatar

    i cannot believe americas ignorance to the rest of the world. china is rising more than ever and it is inevitable, america does nothing but to bring up china’s faults. true there are a lot things that need to be changed but china is becoming more and more powerful and will soon be neck to neck with america. the US is in an economic crisis and is in debt to many countries including china this could be used in chinas great advantage. this is something the americans need to keep in mind and they shouldn’t be this ignorant. i hope obama handles this in a smart way. china has a very steady economy while america is in a very big crisis.

  20. JT Avatar

    Obama will bring changes in all corners of the world. He has all my support. Its my choice. Barack Obama is my hero.

  21. Quell the paranoia Avatar
    Quell the paranoia

    While there is an insatiable economic drive in China, it is only because the country itself does not provide enough opportunities to its citizens. China operates a pseudo free market and citizens are fending for themselves. The only communist presence is merely rule of government and limited free speech. However the socialist element has dwindled to things that most democracies do anyway (housing, farm subsidies, etc). It’s not quite what we think, people are not being told where to live, how to live, what their job is, etc. It’s more about conformity and balance in society while eeking out a living.

    As for international relations, It is against Chinese culture to proliferate war and imbalance of harmony. Even after occupation during WWII, China did not seek revenge even though the population and military force has always been high. Similarly the past civil wars and continued sociopolitical unrest in other parts of the country show the extreme fragility of the country.

    And China has never seen America as a threat but as Barack noted, a competitor, another player in the field. There is no concept of viewing countries as threats in the sense that America views Iran as a threat. And unlike Iran, China has no impressionable collective audience. That if the government were to take action on its own accord, various groups and regions within the country would exploit the situation on their own terms. The country is unified in so much that status quo is sustained and not unified in terms of religion or militarism. The nationalism of China is wholly cultural.

    And in Chinese culture, it is impossible to view any other country or culture as a threat because Chinese culture is so highly developed, it repels change or assimilation. You either have it or dismiss it. There is no middle ground. And with over a billion people who have been educated into this culture, it is unlikely to ever feel threatened.

  22. trophy Avatar


    I am from India. I think it is important for China, India, Russia & Brazil to form a strong economic tie up & we start believing in each other. This is the change we need & yes we can should be our approach. Countries which assoicate with the US are always illtreated & they think they are the owners of this world.

    I am happy that Obama is the president of USA, It is the first step to their decline in global influence. In our elections which would happen in 6 months time the Indian Public will be vocifeorus in demanding severance of ties with the US.

  23. Chinese Avatar

    haha, welcome american pigs to fight. Fellow chinese stop begging stupid understanding. The right to survive is forever to be gained by struggle. I used to trust democracy but i have just found democracy is an ugly lie to rape weaker nations. We chinese are a pure race this is a glory, a pure nation and people. We will fight for it, we will kill every american to survive, you americans are subhumans.

    There will not be return of prosperity before a bloodshed. We will avenge our shame in the past suffer 100 years on you america, and that will be enough of a avenge.

  24. Chinese Avatar

    I simply dont think we need america, it is just a pool of sex trading monkeys and gay bars and HIV patients. I admit honestly China is hostile to america, because we hate a mixed america,you are subhuman shit. Flush USA down the gutter with pigshit, since you elected a black puppet to start a war with us. Yes we are never friend, not untill one of us is killed.

  25. Chinese Avatar

    Stop trusting america people, they are the most most vicious people on this planet. Oh my God, chinese hide their intentions..then what about conspiracy that USA created HIV virus and SARS, would you ever publish it???? OhOhoh oh, chinese is hiding their intentions,,,, fukc! can you ever publish your intention of your govt?? what a fucking nuked hypocrasy. I AS A CHINESE ANOUNCE THAT WE WILL EXTERMINATE USA OK??

    USA spreaded HIV to Africa and India and all over the world, and untill we can uproot USA we can not cure it. Think about it people. Nuke america, I d rather die than share a filthy sky with americans.

  26. Chinese Avatar

    WE dont need to understand each other. And we should just start the war. Get the fuck off disgusting nigger Obammmmmmmma piece of ugly gorilla shit.

  27. Chinese Avatar

    That Chinese is not a Chinese.

    Aggression, does not belong to Chinese culture.

    Sorry,I’m not good at English.

  28. Johnny Avatar

    i am a Chinese, do ur americans really think u can live properly without China, let me tell u something, no u can not, and never. However, we can live blissfully without u…

  29. HOPE Avatar

    In response to Mr.?
    I myself is a Chinese . And I strongly recommond you to do more research before making comments or if possible please come to China to see what is going on here actually.
    You’ve given the reason that you’re a stubborn old man,but I think the nature of old man should be very cautious when judging something.
    Quarrel can not and never solve problem .I apologize for some radical comments made by my fellow countryman.
    What we both need to do is to know more to get closer to the truth.

  30. ACAD Avatar

    People in the West have a high than thou attitude about everything. The talk about democracy, but only gave to everybody in 1965. Democracy is nothing but a buzz word to make themselve feel better. The practice democracy at home, but not abroad. The West continue to sow discord and subjugate poorer country through unfair trade practices.

    Their colonialist mentality and eurocentric supremacism that gave rise to so much atrocities have never left them. Considering the History, China have ever right to distrust the West. It is not China that has to gain the trust of arrogant Western power, but the other way around.

  31. Joe Avatar

    I am an American, Obama is wrong, China is a friend of U.S.A.
    During the COLD WAR, China was even an ally of us. What a shame of Barak
    to say China is not a friend? China bought 500 billlion US$ treasury bond, MORE
    THAN Japan which is so called ally of U.S.A.!!!! We are living on China, folks,
    wake up, open your eyes!!! The ohly defference from us is China has a one party
    gov with a name of “communist”, however, their economy is totally capitalism , the
    same like us. I disagree president Obama’s “China is not a friend”,
    I do agree his another word we need a “security frame “that China involved in Asia.

  32. A Chinese student@THU Avatar
    A Chinese student@THU

    I am an english-language major in China. the modern China only has a short history of 60 years!!!(59 exactly) great changes have taken place during the the past decades, while many problems are still existing.nothing is perfect, neither america nor china. what really matters is not what china was in the past years but what it would be like in the coming future.
    we have got only one government ,but we can see it’s improving all the time. in terms of corruption ,china is being troubled by this, but is there any political party which has no corrution at all? china stil needs time to handle with what we face.
    on the other hand, if china solves every social problem, it will definitely be a good model , what america wil feel if this really happens?
    those americans who really don’t know what china is like nowadays,should learn more about china as well as america ,even all the human beings livng in this world.
    some hold that china is threatening the world, in fact ,china is rebuilding a balanced system with america, in which many more countris’ voice could be heard.
    ..about communitism ..
    is communitism such an evil thing to the western world? is capitalism the most almighty true faith that could lead people right to a better world?
    no ones knows.
    but time will tell us ,maybe hundreds of years later,there was only one country for the hunman being , what we argue about countries’ confilcts today may be ridiculous then.

    another remarkable feature of chinese people is holding netural viewpoints,which means they would like to take both the good and bad aspects into accout,and compromise .
    in other words, they are not likely to be fanatic as some islams. but never push them into desperate corner so they would have no choice but burst into national violence.
    what is the limit?
    no 1 never attempt to overturn the single-party government,
    no 2 never attempt to seperate the mailand and taiwan as independent countries
    no 3 xingjiang and xizang(tibet) must be under control in the central government

    coz most of the 1.3 billion people are unchangeable in these aspects and will not compromise.
    it’s a scary number!

    last but not least, centralization is deeply rooted in chinese political culture as well as the people’s mind, because china’a most powerfu period usually appears with a centralised but brilliant government.
    and china has a vast diversiy in many social aspects, a centralised government may function effectively when reconstructing a new china after destructive wars.
    i admit that my thoughts are superficial relatively.and my english expressions may seem to be weird sometimes ,
    but communication is not guilty,right?
    america is changing,
    so is china.

  33. taka Avatar

    i’m just a simple high school student from china
    but what i wanna say china is not what you americans had in mind
    the trust is, most people don’t understand china

  34. Ann Bairey lee Avatar
    Ann Bairey lee

    cooperate, China and US both win. fight, we both lose. it has been proved for years. Obama is making himself an idiot to test whether it is still true.

  35. spurs Avatar

    I am a Chinese and I’m proud of it.
    And I can’t understand why so many Americans think of China like a country of nasty.
    I am sure that the one who said that had never been to China.
    Maybe you have already met some Chinese,and maybe they did something not good.
    I can’t refuse to say that some Chinese are like what you said,but only a few.
    How could you judge a country only by a few people??
    I wish one day those who don’t like China can come to my country and find out the truth !

  36. Daron L. Musick Avatar
    Daron L. Musick

    Please friend not all Americans dislike China or the Chinese people. I am a Native American a Cherokee shaman of mid age. And I have always wanted to get to know the Chinese people, Our cultures have much in common, I as shaman have the knowledge of the ancient ways. The ways of the Dragons also, I carry the maps of the Ancients and have for many years tried to share this with the Chinese people. Proof the ancients knew about the America’s thousands of years ago. Americans push Columbus that discovered America. He only followed a map that was thousands of years old. I will be at the Rhine Research At Duke in N.C. Daron

  37. A Chinese From Mainland Avatar
    A Chinese From Mainland

    Hello, everyone .I’m a citizen in Mainland China, and I am sorry to saw some Americans hate Chinese. In fact, Chinese people love peace, we didn’t want another war with any country. We like US though sometimes we are angry with the lies CNN reported.
    The develop is the most important thing for us Chinese and Americans. I hope we two countries can develop together .

    In 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, The theme song is that:
    You and me,
    from one world,
    We are family.
    Travel dream,
    A thousand miles,
    Meeting in Beijing.
    Come together
    Put your hand in Mine。
    You and me
    from one world,
    we are family.

  38. chinese girl Avatar

    i love american USA no matter what, i enjoy country music n fans to carry underwood,beyonce, Jlo, all my things and cars are USA brands, i love hollywood handsome actress to death, i dont believe all american hates chinese probably they are just lunatic racists who dont live in reality, my love n my heart for america always..
    viva USA

  39. K Avatar

    Daron L Musick is so not a shaman. Since when do elders advertise that they’re shamans online? The majority view on Indian beliefs is that they’re not peddled to strangers much less online.

  40. Daron L. Musick Avatar
    Daron L. Musick

    O Si Yu. Hello K Comments made make you hateful and shallow, So where does a shaman go to talk to others of different beliefs? My path is to learn from past mistakes, try to be better in the future and to try to understand simple minded people. Would you like to see my tee pee or my buckskins? How about the way I dance the snake dance? Why do you hide who you relly are? are you afraid of who you really are. Daron L. Musick CHEROKEE (Sa Li Gu Gi) Mud turtle for you simple minded.

  41. Daron L. Musick Avatar
    Daron L. Musick

    Daron L. Musick is a shaman. Do you speak for the majority? Are you white devils afraid I will scalp you? You rape my women and steal my land. You white devils shoot down our children and call us the savage. I Daron L. Musick am Cherokee (Sa Li Gu Gi) Mud Turtle. And I call on any who want to know of ancient ways. The ways of the star serpent, and it’s cycles.Not all Americans dislike the Chinese people. Please forgive my American neighbors.

  42. Daron L. Musick Avatar

    I have come back to talk to you K, Or should I say Kat. Oh yea I know who you are, I once called you friend. And you say these things. When did you ask to sit in the sacred circle? When did you walk the snake dance with me? I still have the maps. Are you angry because I am doing something with my life? I will change the world. I Daron L. Musick have ancient world maps.

  43. nick Avatar

    i for one am an American and i have strong belief in what Obama can do.

  44. nick Avatar

    He will boost our economy, providing jobs and benifits to every corner so far. Afgan. will end so what if we loose! as long as americans aren’t in harm, i am ok with us loosing 1,000,000 more. China for all we know could be at peace with us one second and bomb Pearl Harbor just as the Japanese on December 7, 1941. Many fail to realize that Obama wants nothing but peace and when China say “Friend nor Enemy” who are we to say that they are friend! we must explore the possibilities in order to prevent further damage to the U.S and the rest of the world.

  45. tin tang tung Avatar
    tin tang tung

    Yeah lets just stick our heads up our butts, china is renaming its communist government to something else. “Oh herro, please, we not communist we are socialist now, much nicer you see, but we still wanna take all your private rights away.” Wake up! communism, socialism, emperialism, dictatorship, all the same crap! Just drone societies centered around demoralizing and stripping the individual of free direction and choice in their lives to serve a fucking collective!

  46. Proud Chinese Avatar
    Proud Chinese

    Obama is ignorant! As a Chinese-American citizen, I voted for him, which I deeply regret! What an inconsiderate punk! What about all the Chinese people here who voted for him and made him a president? China has lent the U. S. trillions of dollars when Bush was the president. Now, instead of appreciating China’s help, you get all of these racist people, including Obama, who just cannot stand it that Chinese people have more money! F Obama, and F all you racist haters! Take care of your uneducated, poor, starving people before worrying about China’s growing economy and its communism. F you! Will never vote for Obama, again, and I love China!

    1. Unknown Avatar

      well, i cant say that…..i am chinese and i voted for mc cain, obama isonly good at organizing war, not politics, just like what george bush was, which is why our economy is so bad.

    2. Gondi Avatar

      Have you seen wikileaks? The Chinese government is hacking US companies and stealing from them, and if not an enemy to the US, surely what they are doing is wrong.

    3. Stephenzenaida Avatar

       excuse me sir but china is a totalitarian country that got rich by enslaving the backs of the poor in their country, everyone knows that, they used child labor sweat shops and the impoverished workers o get rich, try talking to a working class person in china, millions are so poor over there, while a few are hoarding their wealth, i have nothing against my Chinese American brothers and im glad they are here safe in America away from communists where they can prosper, you need to tell the truth, millions are poor working class in china while the communists take away their businesses and got rich you fool, don’t believe the lies you idiot dont believe the propaganda, there are hundreds of accounts of the communists stealing from the people and taking over businesses  all over china, america is a good country and if it were not for us china wouldn’t have anything, and if you dont like our country why dont you go back to that stinking shithole communist regime where you can say oh ya we have all the money while they pay you their puny sweatshop wages

  47. Proud Chinese Avatar
    Proud Chinese

    DARON’s Comment: LOL and thank you =)

  48. VanXing Avatar

    As a Chinese American I think all of us need to create a better environment for ourselves in the U.S. There are way too many politicians that will blame China for anything from jobs to security to currency. This creates an under current of distrust and discrimination against us as Americans of Chinese decent. We need to join political organizations such as the 80-20 initiative (http://www.80-20initiative.net/) to create a voting block against politicians that create problems for our lives in America. Let 80-20 know if your senator or congressman is trashing China for political gain.

  49. eddie Avatar

    Why is everything China do wrong and bad ? Did China ever consider the US an enemy ?Young Chinese are more American than most Americans. They want to be smart and rich (communist?). They watch American movies etc. They lend US money. They were the first to respond to the US crash in 2008 positively. Why threaten China and ask other countries to be China’s enemy ? Why push a firend to the corner?

  50. Unknown Avatar

    Why are you americans so bias? You guys are ALWAYS being mean to chinese people. I am a Chinese American, and I understand both sides of you guys, but I believe that no one really understands China. HEY U GUYS AMERICANS OWE CHINA MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BECAUSE YOU GUYS ALWAYS LET CHINA DO THE WORK. THAT ANSWERS THE QUESTION WHY OH, WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE IN CHINA????? YA….. Recently, an island that china discovered thousands of years ago ( its their property) is being drilled for oil by the two countries vietnam and the phillipines. China does not want the countries to take over and trespassing their property…… and so they said if the countries dont stop, they will start a war, but they wont stop. Now, the US wants to help Vietnam and Phillipines becuase they dont want China to be the number one country in the world, so they r sending military over to protect them…… ITS ALL ABOUT OIL…. Afghanistan, China, etc. P.S The U.S starting a war on afghanistan for oil is the cuase of the start of al quida so they can defend themselves……. CANT THIS WORLD BE IN WHOLE COUNTRY?!?!?

  51. […] but it still comes off as a bit improvised. Long before this stage in the 2008 cycle, Obama had settled on a more graceful talking point: “China is rising, and it’s not going away. They’re […]

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