YouTube Unblocked?

This is a preliminary report, but while working out a technical problem on Transpacifica over the last hour, I have discovered that in the last few minutes, YouTube went from being blocked to unblocked. For the record, I’m browsing from a wireless connection that accesses the internet through a CNC Beijing IP.

This would seem to support either or both of the dominant lines of speculation among bloggers and media as to the reason for the block: that it was related to the 17th Party Congress, which concluded a little over a week ago, or because of the launch of a Chinese version of the site.

That said, both the Taiwan and Hong Kong versions are accessible from here.

5 thoughts on “YouTube Unblocked?

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  5. Tom Gurney @ MP3 Itunes Downloads Store

    To bring this post uptodate, China currently blocks all of and Youtube. though, they regularly come back for a short while. I use Vtunnel here in Shanghai to access my blogs and that works pretty well. I also have never been able tto upload Flickr images, except at work where i bypass it. Anyone any ideas on uploding to Flickr in China?


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