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  • Understanding root differences on the Internet to make progress on cybersecurity: my latest at China-US Focus

    New at China-U.S. Focus, I argue that there is real potential for progress on cybersecurity in the U.S.–China relationship, but basic differences in the way the governments and peoples view the Internet cannot be brushed aside. Probe Deep Differences to Make Real Progress on Cybersecurity In a U.S.–China relationship confronting numerous challenges, perhaps no topic […]

  • Fighting 'the myth of unitary control' in China cybersecurity politics

    My latest for Al Jazeera English asks for more recognition of pluralism and ambiguity when governments and firms accuse “China” or the “Chinese government” of hacking. Check it out! For fun, my first piece for Al Jazeera fought the notion of a “cyber cold war” between the United States and China. In 2011. [Crossposted on […]

  • The private sector battle over SOPA (me in Al Jazeera)

    Following yesterday’s demonstrations against U.S. Congressional legislation that could severely constrict free speech and online innovation, I argue in Al Jazeera English that private interests in internet policy are here to stay. It would have been the most expensive political ad buy in the history of the world. Google’s search engine, the most visited website in the […]

  • Wiring East Asia: increased fiber optic links over the years (maps)

    About a year ago, I wrote about the limited “internet entrepôts of China,” those landing places where digital transmissions come ashore in fiber optic lines. I’ve long depended on the excellent maps from Telegeography to visualize the physical linkages that underlie the supposedly etherial network, and they’ve got a new map out. I just clipped […]

  • Foreign media depending on Chinese microblogs [graph]

    Readers of English-language news on China have likely noticed a surge in references to netizens, microblogs, and a specific microblogging service called Sina Weibo. Angel Hsu noted this was increasing, and I thought I’d check to see how much. For a really rough measure of how much foreign reporters are depending on Chinese microblogs to […]