Month: September 2006

  • A Missed Opportunity in U.S. East Asia Policy

    It is an imaginative exercise to read speculative accounts of Sino-Japanese relations from earlier in the Koizumi years. No one knew just how bad it would get in the public sphere, and I find that most writers at the time imagined the Koizumi administration and China’s new leadership under Hu Jintao beginning in 2002 would […]

  • On the NYT Editorial Page, a Swing and a Miss

    The New York Times today took a whack at what Abe Shinzo should do as the new prime minister of Japan. The editorial is both reasonable and unambitious in urging Abe to work toward better relations with China and other nearby states. It ends: Japan has a great deal to be proud of, including an […]

  • James McGregor on How the U.S. Misunderstands China

    “After two decades of on-the-ground experience investing billions of dollars and employing millions of people in China, the U.S. business community is far ahead of politicians in understanding the Chinese government and people,” writes James McGregor in a column someone posted on Danwei. It’s a bit of a polemic, and it claims knowledge of what […]

  • U.S.–China Interparliamentary Exchange: Valuable, and Possibly Easier Under Democrats

    The main organizer of the U.S.-China Interparliamentary Exchange said Sept. 6 he won’t be completely disappointed if his party loses control of the U.S. Congress in November. Even though House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) created and funded the exchange, “it would be even easier with the Democrats in charge, though I pray against that,” said […]

  • Abe It Is

    I feel obligated to post that Abe Shinzo did indeed win the LDP election. No surprise, but here’s the New York Times story by Onishi.