Month: April 2007

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    Virtual China: Cross-cultural analysis of MySpace profile pictures

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    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has tough act to follow in bonding with Bush – International Herald Tribune “So, with an eye toward a Japanese public that expects the new prime minister to get the same treatment as the old, the White House is taking pains to turn alliance into friendship, designing the Abe […]

  • Obama on China: 'Neither Our Enemy Nor Our Friend'

    Barack Obama, a U.S. Senator and candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, is a brilliant rhetorician. But it’s notoriously hard to pin down his opinions on discrete policy areas and questions. It’s reasonable to speculate that the campaign is intentionally avoiding staking out policy ground unnecessarily this early in the campaign. But recently, some […]

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    A Green Partnership — Beijing Review Green Development — Beijing Review China’s less developed western region is promoting environmentally-friendly investment and rejecting the polluters GIs frequented Japan’s ‘comfort women’ [2007.04.22] 慰安婦問題で米国メディアに謝罪した安倍首相の迷走ぶり | Blog(ブログ) | [公式] 天木直人のブログ Hirohito quit Yasukuni Shrine visits over concerns about war criminals – International Herald Tribune In a July 31, 2001, […]

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    China becomes Japan’s top trade partner – Yahoo! News Japan said Wednesday that China became its top trading partner for the first time since World War II, unseating the United States in the past fiscal year despite strained ties between the Asian giants. BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | US activists detained on Everest Four US […]