Month: December 2006

  • links for 2006-12-24

    Japan emperor urges war teaching “Now that the number of those who were born after the war increases as years pass by, the practice of mourning the war dead will help them to understand what kind of world and society those in the previous generations lived in,” Emperor Akihito said. (tags: toblog) theory.isthereason » From […]

  • Is Yasukuni Really out of the Picture?

    The Yasukuni Shrine may be making an exit from the rhetoric of Sino-Japanese tensions. The Chinese ambassador to Japan said in a report published yesterday that China and Japan have “finally overcome this political impediment damaging bilateral relations.” “The political stalemate has been broken,” the ambassador, Wang Yi, said in an interview with Xinhua. But […]

  • Obvious Headline of the Month

    It’s actually been two months since the last time I posted an obvious headline, but this one warrants reviving the tradition. From the ever-insightful Agence France Presse: China, India, Japan to power Asian economy in 2007 Sure, I mean, there may be something to the story that Asian economies and not the United States are […]

  • Did a U.S.–China Deal Put Chinese Muslims in Guantanamo?

    Lawyers for a group of Chinese Muslims detained for nearly five years in the U.S. camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, said in court filings the detainees had been imprisoned due to Chinese demands when the Bush administration was looking for support for “regime change” in Iraq. According to the Washington Post, the lawyers allege that […]

  • Japan's 'Arc of Freedom and Prosperity'

    Japanese Foreign Minister Aso Taro on Thursday unveiled the new foreign policy rhetoric for Prime Minister Abe’s leadership: the “arc of freedom and prosperity” (自由と繁栄の弧). From Yomiuri Shimbun: “Another new core policy will be added to the basis of Japan’s diplomacy, strengthening the Japan-U.S. alliance and enhancing relations with neighboring countries, including China, South Korea […]