Month: June 2007

  • links for 2007-06-22

    U.S.-China Energy Security Cooperation Dialogue Report – Atlantic Council of the United States People’s Daily Online — China criticizes Japanese dietmen’s denial of Nanjing Massacre Qin made the remarks at a regular press conference on Thursday afternoon when asked to comment on the Japanese dietmen’s denial of the massacre China: Japan must not deny ‘Rape […]

  • links for 2007-06-21

    ‘No massacre in Nanking,’ Japanese lawmakers say – International Herald Tribune The members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party said there was no evidence to prove mass killings by Japanese soldiers in the captured Nationalist capital, then known as Nanking. They accused Beijing of using the alleged incident as a US lawmakers to […]

  • Yasukuni in Context: Nationalism and History in Japan

    Documents revealed in March that the Japanese government’s long-held position that it had nothing to do with the enshrinement of war criminals at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo wasn’t exactly, well, accurate. This week at Japan Focus, Akiko Takenaka has written a great update on these revelations. It’s published with an Asahi Shimbun editorial calling for […]

  • links for 2007-06-18

    South Korea and U.S. welcome Pyongyang’s invitation to nuclear inspectors – International Herald Tribune Officials in South Korea and the United States on Sunday welcomed a move by North Korea to invite the United Nations nuclear watchdog back to the Communist state for the first time in four and a half years to discuss shutting […]

  • Posting Slowdown, California, Beijing

    By way of apology for my recent lack of blogging, I have a little explaining to do. At this moment I am in transit between life as a think tank staffer in Washington, D.C., and a renewed status as a student. Later this month I will begin studying Mandarin Chinese in California, to continue in […]