Month: December 2008

  • links for 2008-12-15

    DianHua Dictionary A full-featured Chinese-English dictionary for iPhone (tags: iphone chinese dictionary 中文 字典 词典 爱疯) CC-CEDICT Home [CC-CEDICT WIKI] A creative commons Chinese-English dictionary project. (tags: chinese dictionary 中文 字典 词典) 在线新华字典 An online Chinese dictionary (tags: 字典 chinese dictionary 中文 词典)

  • Free Chinese Dictionary for iPhone in the Creative Commons

    Today a colleague showed me that what I had hoped for has come true: There is a full-featured, free, Creative Commons licensed dictionary, and there is a good iPhone application to use with it. The dictionary is CC-CEDICT, and the iPhone app DianHua. So far (for the last couple of hours) it’s served me well.…

  • links for 2008-12-11

    壹报 › 红心的故事 Some back story for the Red Heart China symbol that arose before the Olympics.

  • links for 2008-12-09

    Chinese Internet Research Conference » The Great Firewall as Iron Curtain 2.0: the Implications of China’s Internet most dominant metaphor for U.S. Foreign Policy

  • Republican curricula in the US and China

    Gina Russo at Frog In A Well has an interesting post drawing a tentative parallel between US conservative groups that advocate “the teaching of Western culture and a triumphal interpretation of American history” (in the Times‘ summation) and Republican era Chinese textbooks that included instruction on how to be a “good citizen” (好公民). My sense…