Month: October 2012

  • What it means when we say NYT is 'blocked in China'

    Shanghaiist has just posted a fairly snarky story claiming, as it summarizes well in the headline, that “The New York Times might or might not be blocked in China (but probably isn’t).” I think they’re off the mark. The writer’s claim that it seems to work fine for Shanghaiist staff most of the time is […]

  • Chinese investment benefits and policy for U.S. and Calif. –New report

    The Asia Society and the Rhodium Group on Wednesday released a follow-up to their 2011 report on Chinese outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) in the United States. This report zooms in on California to analyze the particularities of that large sub-national market in the United States. One of the key insights authors Daniel Rosen and […]

  • Five points on the deeply flawed U.S. Congress Huawei report

    A U.S. Congressional committee released a broadside attack on the Chinese telecommunications firms Huawei and ZTE this week, charging that their products represent a security risk to the United States and recommending that U.S. government and private sector organizations avoid their products. The report followed about a year of investigation that included hearings and a […]

  • A new blogroll: With focus—without the fat

    It’s been years since I completely reviewed the blogroll on Transpacifica. Today, I decided to cut it in size and cut out the fat. Before, I had almost fifty links, all of which were at one time important. But many of these sites don’t make the cut anymore, and I thought it would be more […]

  • Now you can compare Beijing PM 2.5 air quality readings on your phone

    It just so happens that today is not one of the more beautiful days in Beijing. After a week of generally glorious fall weather, with exceedingly clear air (except once or twice), the national holiday is over and whatever process churns up the smog has resumed. I’m not complaining. I haven’t been here long enough […]