Month: October 2007

  • MSNBC Foils Debate Viewers in China (Plus:

    Viewing U.S. presidential politics from thousands of miles away is a bit of a relief for someone like me. But I still enjoy watching the debates in webcast form to keep an eye on the tone of competition. I should say, I enjoyed it. Heading over to to catch up on the recent Democratic […]

  • YouTube Unblocked?

    This is a preliminary report, but while working out a technical problem on Transpacifica over the last hour, I have discovered that in the last few minutes, YouTube went from being blocked to unblocked. For the record, I’m browsing from a wireless connection that accesses the internet through a CNC Beijing IP. This would seem […]

  • Oof.

    Oof. I’ll be back alive soon with much to come. Meantime, I’ve been doing some local tourist stuff in Beijing, and the pictures are showing up on my Flickr account. If you’re in China, use Firefox and this extension to view the images. This photo is from the summer palace (颐和园) where a man may […]

  • Links: Net Filtering, Uncertain Green Beijing, and U.S.–China Business

    I’ve been busy recently in Beijing and watching a lot of good stories go right by. You’ll forgive a Colorado native for using a baseball analogy: It’s time to make sure I don’t strike out looking. Here’s a quick summary of transpacific pitches I wish I’d had time to swing at. Greener Beijing? Will Beijing’s […]

  • Hillary's China Focus, and a Lonely Japan?

    Clinton says the U.S.-China relationship will be the world’s “most important bilateral.” What should Japan think? The main candidates for U.S. president are all contributing essays on their foreign policy vision to Foreign Affairs, and Sen. Hillary Clinton (as well as Sen. John McCain) came up this issue. Tobias Harris, in an entry called “The […]