Month: May 2009

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    CIRC 2009: The Chinese Internet and Civil Society: Civic Engagement, Deliberation and Culture May 27-29, 2009 The theme of the 7th Chinese Internet Research Conference, "The Chinese Internet and Civil Society: Civic Engagement, Deliberation and Culture," is designed to bring together scholars and professionals to examine the Chinese Internet from socioeconomic, political and cultural perspectives.…

  • links for 2009-05-22

    Secret Meeting Between U.S. and China Broke New Ground on Climate … "While hardly akin to the secret trip to China that Henry Kissinger made when he was President Nixon's national security adviser, the climate meeting — which included White House science adviser John Holdren and former Undersecretary of State Frank Loy — was not…

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    Cojak Hanzi Dictionary: Unihan Hanzi Radical Chart

  • links for 2009-05-04

    Globalisation and the Environment: Foreign Direct Investment and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis" A study tests the idea that people outsource to countries with less strict regulations to avoid expensive regulation at home or wherever they would otherwise manufacture things. (tags: globalization environment pollution FDI)

  • links for 2009-05-02

    Publius Project The Polyglot Internet Essay by Ethan Zuckerman, January 23, 2009 (tags: internet ethanzuckerman language translation)