Month: July 2009

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    发展简报 China Development Brief's Chinese edition is still going. (tags: ngo china activism chinese) China and U.S. Pledge Climate Teamwork – Dot Earth Blog –

  • California apologizes to Chinese Americans; U.S. Congress next?

    Chinese migrants in California faced discrimination, violence, and forced expulsion from their homes on many occasions beginning in the mid-19th century. One historian’s account found almost 200 “roundups,” in which Chinese were pushed out of jobs, homes, and cities by those who resented the competition for jobs or mining spoils, or simply didn’t like Chinese…

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    27062201.jpg (JPEG Image, 1476×1101 pixels) – Scaled (57%) New Scientist image on Internet population and penetration in the world. (tags: internet statistics visualization map)

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    How Much Asia Communicates (Or Not) | Thomas Crampton Crampton: "TeleGeography’s map of intra-Asia Telecommunications Traffic Flows shows a few interesting things about how Asians communicate (or not). The measure is millions of minutes of telecommunications traffic over one year on the public telephone network. (Total combined volume for Asia is more than 100 million…

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    奥巴马“以华说华”,试图打破中美环保困境 "中国古有“以夷制夷”之道,今有“港人治港”之法,而看来美国正在仿效实施“以华说华”之术。" (tags: michaelanti china-us)