Month: May 2018

  • Trade war ‘on hold’ to tariffs on the way (2018.05.29)

    Welcome to Issue 4 of Transpacifica, coming to you this week on Tuesday following the U.S. Memorial Day holiday. I’ve been on the road in Europe much of the last two weeks, including for the China Internet Research Conference hosted at University of Leiden. I was grateful to be hosted by Privacy International in London […]

  • ZTE’s wild ride; A farewell to ‘militarization’ in the South China Sea (2018.05.14)

    Welcome to Issue 3 of Transpacifica. Before we get to two big stories—the Trump administration’s ZTE saga, and the still-stirring South China Sea—I want to take a moment to encourage those interested to subscribe for updates from the DigiChina project at New America, for which I serve as coordinating editor. DigiChina is a cross-organization collaborative project devoted to […]