Month: September 2007

  • Video: Li Tieqiao's Magic Mouthpiece

    As promised here is a video clip of experimental saxophonist Li Tieqiao (李铁桥) from his show with Xiao He (小河) at D-22 this week. Here, he plays the mouthpiece without the horn. Later, he played the horn without the mouthpiece, apparently creating sound trumpet-style directly into the neck.

  • A Textbook Demonstration … In Japan

    Japan’s history problem (歴史問題, rekishi mondai) is well-known in Asia, and it’s a common topic of discussion in Japanese political journals. Many are familiar with international criticism of Japan’s reckoning with its 20th century aggression, and the repeated approval by the Education Ministry of textbooks that underplay or gloss over the Nanjing Massacre and other […]

  • Welcome to Transpacifica

    [NOTE TO FRIENDS: Please update your blogrolls] As of today, Transpacific Triangle is now Transpacifica ( The old address and all links will continue to work, but visitors are redirected to the new site. Here’s some of what you can expect from this site in its new incarnation: After a year focusing on China–Japan–U.S. relations, […]

  • The Fancy Footwork of Xiao He (20 Seconds)

    Xiao He (小河) is a prominent experimental and folk musician here in Beijing. He’s been part of several groups variously described as bands, troupes, etc. Last night, I saw him live for the first time at D-22 in a show with a saxophonist named Li Tieqiao (李铁桥), who made sounds with his horn very few […]

  • Making This Blog China-Proof: Feedburner Edition

    Readers who follow the developments of China’s internet censorship efforts may have heard that the Google-owned syndication service Feedburner has been added to the list of sites usually blocked for users in China. There’s some dispute as to whether it’s nationwide or confined to one large ISP, but one way or another, it’s been blocked […]