Month: November 2006

  • Can Abe Fill Koizumi's Blue Suede Shoes?

    If an English-language article about Koizumi Junichiro ever appeared without the word “maverick,” I didn’t notice. But now Abe Shinzo might get to be one of the cool kids too. Bono praised Japan for its anti-poverty funding in the ’90s and its aid in Southeast Asia after meeting Abe Wednesday. And he may have called […]

  • U.S. Treasury Secretary and Fed Chief to Lead China Delegation

    Plans for a high-level economic delegation from the United States to China next month have been gradually emerging over the last week. This team will be pretty hard-hitting. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who first visited China in September, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will lead the delegation to the semiannual U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue, […]

  • Poll: China is First Priority For Japanese, U.S. Second

    A Nikkei Shimbun poll found that the Japanese public ranks China as Japan’s highest diplomatic priority, followed by the United States and South Korea.

  • How a Small U.S. or European Company Turns to China

    China Law Blog tells the story of a worried client deciding whether to do business in China, revealing the decisions set before a small or medium-sized companies in the United States or Europe when faced with competitors who manufacture in China. I talked a lot with my small company client today about the risks of […]

  • English Lessons From Abe Shinzo

    During the Koizumi administration, I signed up for the Kantei’s weekly e-mail magazine. Every now and then, Koizumi would reveal some slight variation of his language on the Yasukuni Shrine, which was big news for me when I was researching Yasukuni rhetoric. I never canceled the subscription, so now I get the Abe administration’s newsletter. […]