Month: August 2009

  • links for 2009-08-29 / UK – Obama must resist the anti-trade mobs By Chad Bown The Obama administration’s first real test on trade policy has arrived. The US must decide whether to impose new import restrictions on Chinese tyres under what is known as its “China safeguard” law. (tags: china-us barackobama trade chinasafeguard financialtimes economy)

  • links for 2009-08-06

    For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word – Statistics – (tags: statistics data research)

  • links for 2009-08-04

    Another tool makes Internet censorship obsolete | Net Effect Morozov thinks a package that will e-mail people RSS feeds (a service I think already exists somewhere) helps make censorship obsolete. He also claims of restrictive countries "there is no way that they will block Gmail," which we know to be untrue in China—see last month.…

  • links for 2009-07-31

    Internet Mapping Project – a set on Flickr (tags: internet maps geography) An Insider's Guide to Washington's China War | Foreign Policy (tags: china-us foreignpolicy) Tuesday Map: Broadband hits Africa | FP Passport (tags: broadband infrastructure map geography internet africa)