Month: December 2011

  • On the weaponization of information technology: a great paragraph

    From Milton Mueller, amidst a controversial pair of blog posts on activism directed toward blocking the diffusion of information and communication technology that can be used for surveillance, a great paragraph: For the past five years, some of us have been challenging the rampant securitization of the Internet by a cyber-military-industrial complex still looking for […]

  • Why talk of a U.S.–China 'Cyber Cold War' is nonsense

    When anti-China rhetoric combines with computer security paranoia, we get outlandish statements and alarmism. In my first piece for Al Jazeera English, I argue that the idea of a “Cyber Cold War” is a hallucination: In January 2010, a Google executive announced “a new approach to China” in a blog post, revealing that the firm had […]