Month: February 2010

  • A guerilla chicken campaign at Harvard? [photo]

    I was walking home through the Harvard campus tonight and found the above sticker, which was notable because (1) such things seem to get taken down quickly, (2) I rarely see Chinese bulletins adorning American light posts, and (3) I had NO idea why this man wanted me to 多吃鸡肉吧  (eat more chicken). I put…

  • A reasoned response to China hysteria

    Nina Hachigian, a former National Security Council adviser during the late ’90s, writes a conspicuously reasonable-sounding response to the U.S. media’s increasingly alarmist reporting on the United States–China relationship. The early stages of the U.S.-China relationship during the Obama administration have not played out according to the usual script. The president did not promise on the…

  • links for 2010-02-24

    2007中国互联网舆情分析报告 (tags: research china-internet)