Month: September 2018

  • A broad new U.S. confrontation against China?– China’s trade waiting game – Elections loom (2018.09.24)

    Welcome to Transpacifica Issue 11. The U.S. news environment is as chaotic as I can ever remember, and foreign policy is generally an afterthought; even a north-south summit in Korea barely mustered a 36-hour news cycle. Like it or not, however, U.S.–China relations is on the front pages most days, primarily for the drip of “trade war” […]

  • What to watch for in U.S.–China relations this fall (2018.09.10)

    Welcome to Transpacifica Issue 10, coming to you from my new base in Los Angeles for the coming year. In the five weeks of vacation and moving since the last issue, U.S.–China relations and their intersection with technology issues have seen a great deal of action—but yet again, none of the big questions has been resolved. […]