Month: April 2008

  • Will Kyoto's Successor Count 'Outsourced Pollution'?

    If a product is consumed in one country, and it is manufactured in another, which country is responsible for the carbon emissions from manufacture? And if one country outsources manufacturing to a country with more lax environmental regulation, who’s responsible for the extra carbon? These will be part of the discussion in Bali when representatives […]

  • Stat: Chinese Students in U.S. Double Since 2003

    From Sheila Dewan, “Chinese Students in U.S. Fight View of Their Home ,” The New York Times, April 29, 2008 Last year, there were more than 42,000 students from mainland China studying in the United States, an increase from fewer than 20,000 in 2003, according to the State Department.

  • China's Growing Ties With the UAE

    The China Brief from the Jamestown Foundation examines ties between China and the United Arab Emirates. Since establishing diplomatic ties on November 1, 1984, the political, economic and trade relations between the UAE and China have evolved significantly in both scale and substance. In recent years, UAE-Sino ties have strengthened with burgeoning trade and investment […]

  • Wasserstrom on the History of Chinese Boycotts

    In The Nation, University of California, Irvine Professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom writes on some recent and not-so-recent history of anti-foreign boycotts in China: Between the 1910s and 1930s, several foreign powers found themselves the target of Chinese student-led boycotts. In the majority of cases, Japanese products were the ones that were shunned, in protest of Japan’s […]

  • Selden: How can the U.S. criticize Japanese atrocities?

    Mark Selden, coordinator of Japan Focus, asks: [M]ore than six decades since Japan’s defeat in the Pacific War, by what right does an American critically address issues of the Nanjing Massacre and Japan’s wartime atrocities? Stated differently, in the course of those six decades US military forces have repeatedly violated international law and humanitarian ethics, […]