Month: April 2018

  • Beyond reckoning in U.S.–China relations; U.S. pressure hardens Chinese IT efforts (2018.04.30)

    Welcome to Issue 2 of Transpacifica. Back to the old U.S.–China Week convention of Monday publication this time. Experimentation with format will continue, so your thoughts both substantive and regarding style are very welcome. –Graham Webster As always: Please encourage friends and colleagues to subscribe to the Transpacifica newsletter; here is the web version of this message, ideal for […]

  • The intractable U.S. economic demands (2018.04.15)

    Two weeks ago I announced that after three years and 121 issues, U.S.–China Week would become the Transpacifica newsletter—shifting to a biweekly publication schedule, covering selected issues in U.S.–China relations and Chinese policy, and emphasizing analysis over news summary. My site had always been the home of U.S.–China Week, and I look forward to continuing the conversation […]