Month: August 2006

  • Japan and the U.S. 'Beyond Bilateralism': Introduction

    “Challenges to Bilateralism,” T. J. Pempel’s wide-ranging introduction to 2004’s Beyond Bilateralism (which he edited with Ellis S. Krauss) lays out a compelling narrative for post-WWII U.S.–Japan relations. One of modern history’s strongest and most enduring bilateral relationships, he writes, is giving way to a complex network of ties involving other actors: in short, moving […]

  • Book-worm

    I have been a good little bibliophile. Today I read most of China’s New Rulers: The Secret Files by Andrew Nathan and Bruce Gilley. This book has been a deeply informative backgrounder on the personal histories of the CCP’s top leaders, and it will serve as a fine reference during future readings. I will have […]

  • N. Korean Warning Over U.S.-South Wargames

    Via BBC: North Korea has threatened to take pre-emptive action in response to US-South Korean military drills currently taking place in the region. According to the official KCNA news agency, Pyongyang described the drills as “an undisguised military threat” and a “war action”. US and South Korean troops began the military exercises on Monday. The […]

  • Zhao Yan, The Times, and U.S. Opinion on China

    Without wading into the facts surrounding the case of Zhao Yan, a Chinese researcher for The New York Times who has been locked up for two years over allegations that he leaked state secrets to the newspaper, let’s take a look at how jailing a New York Times journalist might affect U.S. opinion on China. […]

  • Aso Says He Would Improve Ties With China and S. Korea

    The same day that he declared his candidacy for LDP president (and presumably prime minister) Japanese Foreign Minister Aso Taro said he would work to improve ties with China and South Korea if he becomes prime minister. Aso is viewed as a long-shot candidate in the Sept. 20 election, with Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe Shinzo […]