Month: July 2018

  • A year in China’s digital policy world (2018.07.23)

    Welcome to Transpacifica Issue 8. I was part of two new joint pieces at New America’s DigiChina since last edition: An updated translation of China’s Cybersecurity Law, and a very wonky but wide-ranging assessment of progress in implementing the regime surrounding that law. Regular readers will know that one of my professional roles is as coordinating editor of […]

  • After U.S. Kicked Away the Ladder, China Found Another Summit to Climb (2018.07.09)

    Welcome to Transpacifica Issue 7. One big thought this week, as it appears more and more reasonable to say the United States has started a “trade war” with China with no end in site and no clear ends to the means. Relatedly, check out ChinaFile’s Conversation, including myself and a great group of careful thinkers about […]