New Jersey Quality Control is a Threat to Our Children!

Stephen J. Dubner, of Freakonomics fame, is also the author of a children’s book. He recently discovered a misprint in one edition and “assumed the mishap was yet another Chinese quality-control issue concerning children’s merchandise,” he writes in the New York Times Freakonomics blog. But that’s not the whole story.

The publisher was suitably horrified to hear what had happened, and hustled to recall all the defective books. As it turned out, they were all part of a second printing. The first printing, which had indeed been done in China, was perfect. The second printing, meanwhile, had been done in … New Jersey.

I can just imagine some nice Chinese couple with young children ordering the book and finding that, all of a sudden, the story doesn’t make sense. “I’ll never buy anything made in New Jersey again!” they tell each other.

I’m never buying anything made in New Jersey, ever again!





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