Environment Wednesdays?

At Infopolitics, I just posted the first of what may be many lists of recent links. I may do the same here, but I’ve tired of the Del.icio.us format. Maybe each day of the week will get a theme, too. Anyway, here’s a link on a U.S. supplier polluting Chinese rivers.

  • Greenpeace has found that a supplier to major international fashion firms is severely polluting at least one river in China, the Guardian reports.

    The Youngor facility in Ningbo, near Shanghai, was found to have discharged nonylphenol, an endocrine disruptor that builds up in the food chain, perfluorinated chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on the liver and sperm counts, as well as a cocktail of other toxins. …

    Greenpeace says Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M and Lacoste have confirmed a business relationship with Youngor though all denied making use of the plant’s wet processes, which are likely to be responsible for the pollution discharges into the Fenghua river.





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