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  • Required reading on U.S.–China relations – Week of 2013-11-11

    A U.S. military strategy more limited than ‘Air-Sea Battle’ would be cheaper and sufficient to face potential conflict with China, argues William Yale at The Diplomat. Patterns of analysis, namely game theory and the Net Assessment process, have led to unhelpful assumptions, Yale writes. Running under the surface of this argument is the power of…

  • links for 2010-03-24

    Yale Environment 360: E-Waste Trade Ban Will Worsen Problem of ‘Backyard Recycling,’ Study Says

  • links for 2010-03-16

    The Cyber War Has Not Begun | Center for Strategic and International Studies (tags: cyberwar cybersecurity jameslewis) Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet | Threat Level | (tags: censorship cybersecurity cyberlaw)

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    2007中国互联网舆情分析报告 (tags: research china-internet)

  • links for 2010-01-24

    LRB · Perry Anderson · Sinomania (tags: china perryanderson books)