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  • China’s ‘New world order’? What Xi Jinping actually said about guiding international affairs

    Quartz reported yesterday that Chinese President “Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the ‘new world order.’” While Xi’s speech is worthy of attention, this eye-catching framing of his remarks and some of the online discussion among observers may have gone too far. Xi spoke at a seminar […]

  • U.S.–China Week: Trump staffing, first contacts, early uncertainty, Cybersecurity Law (2016.11.14)

    Welcome to issue 77 of U.S.–China Week. A week ago, I argued that “a Donald Trump win would at minimum drastically raise uncertainty in the U.S.–China relationship and could easily throw it into economic and security crisis as a consequence of that uncertainty.” (I also predicted “some level of economic turmoil … immediately upon a […]

  • 8 GOP Asia advisers release open letter opposing Trump, say will vote for Clinton

    This open letter regarding Donald Trump and U.S. policy toward Asia appeared at Foreign Policy and is reproduced here for reference. Preserving U.S. Credibility in Asia: An Open Letter As foreign and security policy appointees in previous Republican administrations, we will reluctantly (for some) but unavoidably be voting for the Democratic party’s presidential candidate this […]

  • Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s Asia policy comments to BBC [transcript]

    BBC spoke with Peter Navarro, whom they identify as a policy adviser to Donald Trump, about Asia policy. The video, published July 24, and my transcription are below. “If China continues to cheat in the trading arena, we have no other choice but to defend the American people from Chinese cheating. The purpose of a Trump […]

  • Clinton adviser Laura Rosenberger comments to BBC on Asia policy [transcript]

    Laura Rosenberger, foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton, spoke with the BBC alongside the Democratic National Convention last week. Below is my transcription of her remarks, based on the video published here: On TPP: “Well, Secretary Clinton’s been very clear. You know, she believes that trade agreements need to work for the American people. That […]