Tag: Amitai Etzioni

  • Is the 'pivot' to Asia a bluff to distract from wars?

    Amitai Etzioni argues that the pivot is something like a “bluff,” and is motivated by election-year efforts to divert attention from other foreign policy questions—the actual conflicts in the Middle East. He points to the challenge of getting the Chinese government to understand the domestic drivers of U.S. foreign policy, and also notes that the […]

  • China's more 'constructive' and 'outspoken' role on Afghanistan

    A report emerged today that China is taking a more active role in international discussions about the situation in Afghanistan. This minor diplomatic news is a case study in China’s role in the international community. Reuters reports that Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin made an uncharacteristically forward statement at an Istanbul conference, compared with […]

  • Etzioni on wrongheaded US views of India and China

    At World Policy Journal, which I have just discovered has an interesting blog, Amitai Etzioni in July argued that mainstream U.S. views on India and China are deeply flawed. When people talk about balancing Chinese power with a democratic ally in India, Etzioni argues, we buy into a long-discredited ideology of international relations. An excerpt: […]