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  • What it means when we say NYT is 'blocked in China'

    Shanghaiist has just posted a fairly snarky story claiming, as it summarizes well in the headline, that “The New York Times might or might not be blocked in China (but probably isn’t).” I think they’re off the mark. The writer’s claim that it seems to work fine for Shanghaiist staff most of the time is…

  • The private sector battle over SOPA (me in Al Jazeera)

    Following yesterday’s demonstrations against U.S. Congressional legislation that could severely constrict free speech and online innovation, I argue in Al Jazeera English that private interests in internet policy are here to stay. It would have been the most expensive political ad buy in the history of the world. Google’s search engine, the most visited website in the…

  • The best phrase I have read this week

    From Andrew Jacobs’ story on Great Firewall “shoegate”: … from iPads and designer shoes to carnal rewards offered by admiring women of the sort that China’s Internet guardians would likely deem harmful to the nation’s morality.