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  • Two plausible views of Xi Jinping's rise prove we're clueless

    Is Chinese Vice President and presumptive next President Xi Jinping a hard-liner who will return China to confrontations with the west? Or could it be that only a hard-liner could convince domestic nationalists that a more cooperative stance is beneficial to the CCP and the Chinese people? Bruce Gilley argues Xi could end the reform […]

  • Pics: U.S. VP Joe Biden visits in Beijing neighborhood eatery

    U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Beijing is designed to lay the groundwork for later meetings between U.S. officials and rising leader Xi Jinping, who is currently Biden’s Chinese counterpart. Opting for a local favorite rather than a sterile array of table cloths and serving dishes, Biden made some waves on Weibo and in […]

  • Text of the U.S.–China joint statement

    This idea stolen from Josh Rogin. I’m putting this here so I have it in the future. Source: White House. See also Rogin’s post on China bashing on Capitol Hill. The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 19, 2011 U.S. – China Joint Statement 1. At the invitation of President […]

  • Noted: No mention of China in Obama press conference

    The headlines says it all, and I’m not motivated to speculate on what this means at any length, but I didn’t remember anything on China in the Sept. 10 presser and did a word search on the transcript. Nothing. I wouldn’t draw many conclusions from this, but it shows that the reporters who got to […]

  • California apologizes to Chinese Americans; U.S. Congress next?

    Chinese migrants in California faced discrimination, violence, and forced expulsion from their homes on many occasions beginning in the mid-19th century. One historian’s account found almost 200 “roundups,” in which Chinese were pushed out of jobs, homes, and cities by those who resented the competition for jobs or mining spoils, or simply didn’t like Chinese […]