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  • When the U.S. Wants to Criticize 'Chinese Art'

    In The New Republic, Jed Perl exercises no economy of words in lambasting art from China and its growing global following. Based on a reading of “Chinese art” that does not apparently leave the island of Manhattan, Perl makes several questionable statements, often abetted by lack of knowledge, and Alan Baumler at Frog in a […]

  • Celebrating May Fourth With Slow Internet

    The internet is unusually sluggish today. I wrote a bit about some possible reasons why at Sinobyte. Blogspot has re-disappeared, MSN Messenger is inaccessible from an artsy Beijing cafe, searches for Carrefour are just back from going unanswered, and the spring sky is clear. It’s the 89th anniversary of China’s May Fourth Movement. In 1919, […]

  • I'm a Twit. Follow me on Twitter.

    After meeting with a fellow blogger in Beijing I decided it might be time to give Twitter a shot. So far, I haven’t been completely consumed and I like it. Follow me there. I’m gwbstr. follow gwbstr at http://twitter.com

  • Transpacifica's New Blogging Project: Sinobyte at CNET

    They said this day would never come. Perhaps the biggest fight I’ve ever picked in the blogosphere was when I wrote an opinion piece while a writing intern at Editor & Publisher in 2005 arguing that newspapers should get over blogging and put more energy into innovation. It ran under the provocative headline “Forget Blogs,” […]

  • My Article for TBJ's New 'Urbane' on Beijing's Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

    That’s Beijing‘s design and lifestyle companion known until now as tbjhome became urbane with the January 2008 issue. It also contains my first story for the publication: a look at French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s rework of a 1950s weapons factory for the new Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing’s 798 Art District. Urbane‘s website […]