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  • Obama’s missed Asia trip is no disaster—if he follows up strong (new at China-US Focus)

    In my latest piece for China-US Focus, I look at the impact of Obama’s decision to cancel planned travel to Asia and suggest that he can make up for missed opportunities. Obama’s Missed Asia Trip Is No Disaster—If He Follows Up Strong As the financial crisis gripped the United States in September 2008, Senator John McCain “suspended” […]

  • Key U.S.–Japan meeting overshadowed by U.S.–China diplomacy

    BEIJING — As Japanese Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko visited the White House Monday, the continued strength of the U.S.–Japan relationship was a central message. But this first Washington summit of U.S. and Japanese leaders since the Democratic Party of Japan took control in 2009 was overshadowed in the transpacific news cycle by the U.S. relationship […]

  • Zhu Rongji's diplomatic rants

    Ella Chou has translated part of the recently published four-volume collection of materials on Zhu Rongji. Here’s a great rant, and go read some more. ZHU: (Reminded the Americans that China made concession even before April on the agricultural sector.) You come here this time, saying U.S. is making an unprecedented compromise; China is not responding […]

  • China's more 'constructive' and 'outspoken' role on Afghanistan

    A report emerged today that China is taking a more active role in international discussions about the situation in Afghanistan. This minor diplomatic news is a case study in China’s role in the international community. Reuters reports that Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin made an uncharacteristically forward statement at an Istanbul conference, compared with […]

  • Text of the U.S.–China joint statement

    This idea stolen from Josh Rogin. I’m putting this here so I have it in the future. Source: White House. See also Rogin’s post on China bashing on Capitol Hill. The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release January 19, 2011 U.S. – China Joint Statement 1. At the invitation of President […]