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  • Olympic Threats, Bush's China Crutch, North Korea, and the Environment (U.S.–China Links)

    Olympic threats: really dumb. China: Bush’s diplomatic savior? The North Korea deal: not what the White House hoped. And China meets the U.S. Congress to plan for a post-Bush climate reality. Recent China–U.S. relations news. Steve Clemons agrees with me (OK, he agrees with James Fallows, whom I agree with) that “Boycotting the Olympics today […]

  • McCain on N. Korea, Rearming Japan, and Taiwan (Oct. 2006)

    In a Hannity & Colmes interview last year devoted mostly to attacking U.S. efforts to control North Korea under President Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain—now a leading Republican presidential candidate—said if the United Nations doesn’t do enough to control North Korea, Japan will have to “rearm.” And he said, puzzlingly, that something he refers to […]

  • How Victor Cha Changed U.S. North Korea Policy

    Victor D. Cha is a Georgetown professor who worked from late 2004 until this month as a U.S. National Security Council Asia specialist. From a May 1 Washington Post story called “NSC Post a Real-World Lesson for Cha“: Cha, 45, will return to Georgetown this week, but his government service has had unusual impact, especially […]

  • U.S. to North Korea and Japan: 'Get Along!'

    I think it’s a little odd that the United States would be telling another country that they should set aside their differences with North Korea, given, you know, the Axis of Evil and the six-party nuclear talks. But that’s exactly what U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey did today: “We recognize and have said that […]

  • A Progressive Response to North Korea

    This piece originally appeared on CampusProgress.org. It outlines the argument set forth by Joe Cirincione, the head of national security and international policy at my day job—the Center for American Progress. Ask the Expert: North Korea’s Nuclear Test A progressive response to North Korea’s actions. By Graham Webster Thursday October 12, 2006 North Korea’s report […]