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  • Pics: U.S. VP Joe Biden visits in Beijing neighborhood eatery

    U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Beijing is designed to lay the groundwork for later meetings between U.S. officials and rising leader Xi Jinping, who is currently Biden’s Chinese counterpart. Opting for a local favorite rather than a sterile array of table cloths and serving dishes, Biden made some waves on Weibo and in […]

  • Compassion and political advertising: the RNC's new China ad

    Evan Osnos pointed out a new advertisement that apparently marks the first use of China as a political tool in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. The advertisement imagines a future in which Barack Obama is reelected and paints a picture of increasing unemployment and higher debt to China. Leave aside the irony of claiming debt […]

  • Who is Liu Xiaobo, and what does the Nobel mean?

    ‘I have no enemies’ Liu Xiaobo in his own words from 2009, published at Foreign Policy (中文). This is published by Human Rights in China, headquartered in New York and Hong Kong. The scene outside Liu’s house. Used under Creative Commons from China Digital Times, by Jordan Pouille. What kind of man is he? Evan […]

  • 'Conquer English to Make China Stronger!'

    Ampontan points out that the media’s love for Li Yang’s instructional rallies and methods, called Crazy English, recently included a New Yorker article by Evan Osnos. I’m pretty happy with myself because with my Mandarin tutor today I finished a textbook. But our meetings at a Beijing cafe are nothing like Crazy English. One by […]