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  • Amartya Sen on Quality of Life in India and China

    In the New York Review of Books, Amartya Sen describes several ways we can assess the differences in quality of life in China and India. He points to China’s economic and public goods strength, but argues that other values, including freedom of expression and democracy, should be considered in the comparison. Sen argues that democracy […]

  • Asia in the State of the Union: Diligent competitors, trade partners

    This post is based on the advance speech distributed by the White House and published on CNN.com. Over all, tonight’s state of the union speech appears to be light on foreign affairs. Here is a summary of the mentions of Asia. Overall, my quick read is that Asia is set up as a land of […]

  • Etzioni on wrongheaded US views of India and China

    At World Policy Journal, which I have just discovered has an interesting blog, Amitai Etzioni in July argued that mainstream U.S. views on India and China are deeply flawed. When people talk about balancing Chinese power with a democratic ally in India, Etzioni argues, we buy into a long-discredited ideology of international relations. An excerpt: […]