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  • Former Obama Asia advisor: Media's US-China rivalry articles 'represent lazy journalism'

    Jeffrey Bader, a former senior director for East Asia at the U.S. National Security Council during the Obama administration and a key Obama advisor, spoke at Beijing’s Tsinghua University Tuesday, almost a year after he appeared the last time. While a lot of what he said was not especially new if you follow Bader, he […]

  • Some notes on This American Life's retraction episode #Apple #China

    The U.S. public radio show This American Life yesterday announced it would retract its adaption of Mike Daisey’s storytelling show about Apple’s manufacturing operations in China. I’m taking notes while listening on WNYC to a broadcast of the show Retraction. The podcast is available Sunday now (yesterday it said it would be held; now the link is […]

  • China citizen database proposal is nothing radically new

    A Chinese official proposed the creation of a database of every citizen in China, reports The New York Times. Zhou Yongkang, a former head of the Public Security Bureau Ministry, “said the system should be based on the resident identity cards issued to every Chinese citizen, and should include such details as each person’s tax […]

  • Research ethics, journalism, and paid participation

    I am new to academia’s conventions on research involving human subjects—so new, in fact, that I’m just now completing my basic certification. The standards are not without resonance for me, however, given the emphasis placed by journalism educators on the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. Principles of “beneficience” seem to run parallel to […]