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  • Video: Hardcore rockers in China burn Japanese flag

    On China’s National Day, October 1, fans at the MIDI music festival in Zhenjiang, China, decided to follow up a set by a metal band with an act of their own: burning a defaced Japanese flag while singing the Chinese national anthem. Video at bottom. When photographer Matthew Niederhauser posted this video on his photo…

  • Chinese music in the NYT, and a photo blog to watch

    Photographer Matthew Niederhauser and New York Times reporter Andrew Jacobs highlight China’s exploding music festival scene in Sunday’s paper and online, where they have an accompanying video. In other news, Matthew has relaunched his photo blog, where you’ll find coverage of the World Expo, an awkward beauty pageant for foreigners in Beijing, and as always,…

  • Björk in Tokyo and Osaka this February

    I think this may be the final impetus for my trip to Japan: Among Björk’s newly announced tourdates: 02-19 Tokyo, Japan – Budokan 02-22 Tokyo, Japan – Budokan 02-25 Osaka, Japan – Osaka Castle Hall

  • Video: Li Tieqiao's Magic Mouthpiece

    As promised here is a video clip of experimental saxophonist Li Tieqiao (李铁桥) from his show with Xiao He (小河) at D-22 this week. Here, he plays the mouthpiece without the horn. Later, he played the horn without the mouthpiece, apparently creating sound trumpet-style directly into the neck.

  • The Fancy Footwork of Xiao He (20 Seconds)

    Xiao He (小河) is a prominent experimental and folk musician here in Beijing. He’s been part of several groups variously described as bands, troupes, etc. Last night, I saw him live for the first time at D-22 in a show with a saxophonist named Li Tieqiao (李铁桥), who made sounds with his horn very few…