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  • Abe States the Obvious: No Nuclear Japan

    I don’t think many informed commentators really thought the calls of Nakasone and others would lead to a nuclear Japan any time soon, but it’s notable that Prime Minister Abe Shinzo pledged to Chinese President Hu Jintao at the APEC summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, that Japan would remain a non-nuclear state. Indeed, if a Japanese […]

  • This Week: China-Japan Ties Easing, Nakasone Broaches Nuclear Japan

    It’s been a news-filled week for Japan-China relations and Japan in general, leading up to the LDP election later this month. Several signs that tensions between China and Japan may ease after Koizumi’s departure emerged this week. Using the a signed commentary in the People’s Daily overseas edition, the Chinese government demanded Abe Shinzo take […]